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What is OneCoin?

One Coin is the world’s leading cryptocurrency. A cryptocurrency is a digital currency that allow transactions without using a third party such as banks, credit card companies or escrow agents.
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Cryptocurrency FAQs

OneCoin & Cryptocurrency FAQs

How can you get started? How do you sell your OneCoins and receive your funds? What is mining? Are there any ongoing fees? We answer these and more of your FAQs here.
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OneCoin Packages

OneCoin Packages

Purchase a OneLife educational package starting from just 110 Euro (approximately $160AUD). Packages give you free tokens, which provide access to the mining pools.
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OneLife Business Opportunity

OneCoin Business Opportunity

The most exciting MLM business opportunity of the 21st century has arrived. The One Coin compensation plan pays four different ways and you earn up to $50,000 a week!
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Join Our Team

Join Our Team

Don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity! Join the millions of others in Australia, Asia, Europe, USA and other parts of the world that have joined the OneLife network.
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One Coin Reviews

OneCoin Reviews

Are you interested in gaining access to the OneCoin mining pools or the OneLife business opportunity? Read our 100% real reviews from One Dream Team members across the globe.
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The Future of Payments is Here!

The future of digital payments has arrived. Watch this short video presentation for a better understanding of what digital currency is, how OneCoin is different from other cryptocurrenies, and how you can take advantage of this financial revolution.

Should you have any questions after watching this presentation, please contact us or read our FAQs for more information.

Who We Are

One Dream Team

One Dream Team are the world’s biggest OneCoin team. We have teams across Australia, New Zealand, USA, Asia, Europe and many other regions across the globe.

By joining the One Dream Team you have access to OneCoin Australia events, webinars, training and the world’s best leaders. Your success is our success, and we will do everything we can to help you with this exciting opportunity.

One Dream Team

What People Say

OneCoin Reviews

Cryptocurrency Australia

OneCoin provides a unique opportunity to purchase educational packages that teach you real skills about cryptocurrency. In exchange I receive free tokens for the mining process – a win win!


One Coin Australia

The OneCoin business opportunity is unmatched in my opinion. Not only is the compensation plan simply incredible, but I get to work with a team that offers amazing support.


The Blog


OneCoin Merchant Platform Announced! (DealShaker)

OneCoin Merchants Platform Dealshaker

Exciting things are taking place for the cryptocurrency company OneCoin/OneLife. The industry leading cryptocurrency company refuses to rest on its laurels and recently announced their groundbreaking new addition to the OneCoin/OneLife family: a revolutionary e-commerce platform that is sure to be an industry rocking entity. Introducing – The DealShaker OneCoin Merchant Platform! DealShaker, the name of the new OneCoin merchant platform, looks to shake things up for OneCoin and its millions of users. The concept is simple yet genius, DealShaker serves as a hub where registered merchants and OneCoin users meet and conduct transactions. The OneCoin member benefits by having a secure location to view special deals on goods and services from around the globe, and also by an added value to their cryptocurrency by spending it to take advantage of the outstanding offers. DealShaker merchants benefit by having exclusive access to millions of OneCoin/OneLife customers as well as having a worldwide platform to showcase their business. The same transparency and security OneCoin/OneLife members already enjoy are a part of the new e-commerce platform. There are recordings of all transactions on OneCoin’s powerful blockchain and all participating merchants must adhere to the ‘Know Your Customer’ mantra by registering information about […]

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